Monday, May 31, 2010

Locked Out

A couple of weeks ago I bought an inflatable pool for the boys but the weather had been so rainy that we haven't gotten to enjoy it yet...until yesterday. I blew it up and placed it on the back deck, which is accessible through our sliding door. The lock on this door has a habit of falling into the "lock" position after it's opened.

It was early afternoon and the sun was scorching. I just started to fill the pool with the boys in tow and decided to get them ready while the pool was filling. I pulled the door and it budged a centimeter and stopped. Oh, you've GOT to be KIDDING me! I gave the door a couple more frustrated jiggles before running to the front of the house. Front door locked. Great. With the kids still in tow, I tried the windows with no luck...except for one: The kitchen.

The good news is that the window was plenty big enough for me to fit just happened to be located above a set of steps. I made several unsuccessful attempts to hop up and through the window, which my boys (who are one and three) found so amusing that they began to mimic me; jumping up and down and giggling every time I made a "leap".

Donning a crusty t-shirt and some old shorts too short and holey to wear in public, I swallowed my pride and went to the neighbors for help. Wouldn't you know, it was the dad and HIS two kids that were home. As composed as was possible, I asked if he had a ladder which he was happy to lend along with his assistance.

So now, our initial three-man party turned into a crowd consisting of a flustered crusty mom, a good-willed neighbor, and four kids now marching into our back yard to watch the spectacle of me trying to balance a ladder on the steps and scramble through my window. If I had more dignity I would have been mortified.

Thankfully, after five minutes of finagling the ladder into position, I managed to launch myself into the window with the exuberant encouragement of four young kids cheering me on at the base of the steps. The neighbor was wonderful about helping me and I was thankful that at least one window was open, regardless of its inconvenient location. Success! That is, until next time...


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